Firstly may I say, prior to joining, I would never have done so, but for the situation I was in and a little push from my daughter. I’m no Maverick or Casanova. My social skills with the opposite sex, virtually non existent.
In the last 34 years I have had just two relationships, one for 23 years, the second, officially nine, but the last two years on sufferance, waiting for my youngest to finish sixth form, living in an unloved split home.
Moving back to my home town was good but soon I fell into depression and loneliness, especially at night was too much to bear.
Then I found the over 50’s . It took some doing but I joined. No clue why or what for, no expectations other than to find people in the same position as me. I’ve been a member two weeks, that’s it.
I don’t know how it happened but I found myself after three days, personal messaging a lady who has turned my life totally around. Through chat I have found my mojo, last week even attending a music festival on my own.
Depression…gone. Extreme loneliness…virtually non existent.
It’s thanks to the over 50’s and the Angel I have found within it. Just amazing. If whomever reads this can find solace too, it’s really easy, I wish you all the very best.

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