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Over 50s Hub helps its members find and make new friends & companions, helping them to enrich their lives through chat & shared interests & activities. Our Online Community What is Over 50s Hub exactly Is it a dating Site? Is it just online or in the real world? Is it for everyone or just singles? We are mainly a friendship site for those who are in a relationship, single, widowed or any relationship status, so it is for everyone.

Our philosophy and heart is to create a community where you the members are the heart of it, you create the activities, you reach out to each other and help each other live a positive life, you create the chat rooms and forums. As we get older our situations change in life and often we find that we have to start again, or our partner is ill or you are going through a difficult point of your life or just just need a friend to say ” Hey its going to be ok” we find ourselves needing to broaden our friendship circle or even start again and make new friends.

This is where we come in to help bring you all together. It is a friendship site, we are not a ‘dating site’ which in my experience I have found to be very tacky & scary for some of us older members, but as we get older life throws us some curves balls, where we feel we would like to meet a companion, but the best way to do that is through friendship and if you are both single and something blossoms naturally all the better.

So because of that we have put an option in the search if you are looking for a companion to search and match with others that are. Alot of friendship/Dating sites often use false profiles to lure you in, here we dont do that each member is vetted by me personally and are real. We want to build a community here where you all feel at home & want to stay.

We are a community & you as members will arrange local activities in your area to meet up and have evenings out, lunches, holidays etc and create your events in our activities section.

So Yes we are online and in the real world as well. You can use our chat rooms/Groups & Forums to chat and help others through hard times they maybe going through, we are all at different stages in our life and through your previous experiences in iife you can reach out and help others. mWe can encourage each other through the often lonely journey in life.

We always want to hear from all our members new and old, as a new member we dont want you to feel left out so please do get involved and dont be shy 🙂 We have a long way to go with this site but with your help together we can acheive the impossible, ultimately everyone of you as a role to play in making each others lives better. Thankyou once again for joining us, and if you havnt already joined pease do, you will not be disappointed. Ruth x

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